What Is SEO/Search Engine Opimisation?,all about SEO,how to do SEO,Types of SEO.


What Is SEO/Search Engine Opimisation?,all about SEO,how to do SEO,Types of SEO. January 30, 2016 Leave a comment   What is SEO? “SEO Stands for search engine optimisation.” it is the process of the getting free organic traffics on the search engine.you can say it is natural traffic on the search engine. All search Engine […]

What is PC Assembly?


INTRODUCTION OF PC Computer is an electronic device that is designed to work with information. the term computer is derived from the Latin term computare, this means to calculate or programmable machine. Computer can not do anything without a Program. It represents the decimal numbers through a string of binary digits. The Word ‘Computer’ usually […]

Blackberry Priv: The final phone in the coffin?


As we knows the story of the blackberry . iPhone has been already boosting the markets of the mobile phone now ,Blackberry is now going  to produce the new phone with touch,kypad and  manymore facilities, Blackberry  will kick off  in the smartphone revolution  it will brought  new revolution .The office and into the tap-tap-tap grasp of workers […]

Digital Electronics Couse,Compulsary Course in Digital electronics

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Digital Electronics course: for who intented to the course from the digital electronics for individual  primary formal training is is in the feilds of the electronics engineering .  Digital controls and electronics are related almost every technical activity, and all technical personnel have to deal, at least to some extent, with some aspects of digital electronics0. Objectives : Is To […]

what is Open Closed System,Control System?


Examples for open loop system are: This  is  the simplest and most economical type of control system and does not have any feedback arrangement. 1.Traffic light controllers 2.Electric washing machines automatic coffee server 4.Bread toaster an input of the command signal r(t) is applied to controller which may be amplifier of signal conditioner and whose […]

6 Simple Content Marketing Tips


  Forrest Gump once said, “Stupid is as stupid does”. And if this quote holds any truth (which we think does 100%), then in today’s day and age being stupid about your content marketing plan is something you simply can’t afford. With simplification being the new mantra of today, ‘simple is as simple does’ is […]

PayTm Unlimited Recharge Trick Working Methods


Hey, friends! Recently I have published an article related to mCent unlimited recharge trick working and updated methods, which are working perfectly to all the users. Today I am up with PayTm unlimited recharge trick. Yes! what you heard is absolutely right. Now you can get an unlimited recharge from PayTm online network for free. The […]

MoboMarket Review – A Perfect Alternative to Google Play Store –


Everybody knows that android for android only google play store is the place where we can download everything from there sometimes we face problem during downloading from the google play store ,sometimes some apps is not available in the google play store you can download it from the Mobomarket .and mobo market is the best […]

How to Convert your Android Phone into Portable Scanner


Scanning document is urgently have biggest problem for the rather than having mobile with us we can use our mobile as scanner as that time but we have to do something to the scanning using the our mobile phone now if you want to convert your mobile phone into the scanner we are going to […]

How to Display YouTube Video Thumbnails on Blogger


is your youtube thumbnail is not displaying on your blog now  you can see the thumbnail on your website i am going to tell the following steps through which you will be able to thulmbnail on your website: Therefore, keeping that problem in mind, I have decided to share a tutorial with you guys which […]

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